Teaching your child to respect animals could prevent a dog bite incident.

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1958484_850074061673626_1795251687_n This poster is currently circulating Facebook. I have passed it on myself because it is true. People really need to start using their brains when it comes to children interacting with dogs. The above images might look cute, but they are dangerous because every one of these dog owners decided to invade their dog’s personal space and/or allowed their pets to be mishandled by their children, for a photo op!

Right now some of you may be scoffing at my words, but if you are the parent of a child that lives with a dog and you have allowed any of this type of behavior to take place between your child and your dog and thought it was okay, you have no business being a dog owner.

In the above video we can clearly see a child attempting to ride this big dog. It is clear from the start that…

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