It is within your power to prevent dog bite incidents from happening to your child. It’s called “parenting” try it some time!

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Hello everyone! I hope that the weather where you are is warm and conducive to lots of outdoor play for you and your dog. Spring and summer are great seasons aren’t they? You get a chance to get out more, take walks see the sights, get some fresh air, perfect really!

Spring and summer ( and most of the fall) bring out the dog owners and their pets. At this time of year we see dogs everywhere don’t we? But dog owners aren’t the only ones taking advantage of the great weather, we also see a lot more parents out with children. It is those parents that I wish to address today.

Most of you (in my experience) will allow your children to run right up to a strange animal they meet on the street. You see nothing wrong with allowing junior to boisterously approach a leashed animal being walked…

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